Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Using Camphor

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Using Camphor

The fruit flies are also known as vinegar flies. They are usually found flying around the unrefrigerated produce around your kitchen space. They vinegar flies do not bite but would possibly spread bacteria and viruses as the land on both rotten foods and fresh foods.

These tiny little flies could easily get into your house, and once if they get in, the flies will multiply. The feed on fermented foods for their sugars and alcohol. The flies live only for 10 days and will be able to lay 50-100 eggs within 48 hours, and the eggs would get hatched in next 48 hours.

They are hundreds of ways to get rid of the fruit flies, and the camphor trick would be easier and efficient of all. The property of camphor acts as a good pesticide for all kind of insects and fruit flies also.

Camphor For Fruit Flies

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Using Camphor.jpg

Heat a small plate and place two tablets camphor on the plate. Place it either on the patio or the place where you could find more of gnats. The hot plate will release the effervescence, this smoke which is freed from the camphor tablets will ward off the gnats. As an alternative, you could try this method. Take a bowl of hot water (1ltr) and add 3-4 camphor tablets to the water and stir it well. Keep it in the place where you could find more gnats, and thus you could ward off them.

Camphor creates pungent taste and strong smell hence they are good insect repellents and will help you to get rid of fruit flies effectively. Avoid using this insect repellent if you are pregnant, as the smell would create some side effects in you.


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